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Home insurance for high value properties

Home insurance is always important for people living in prestige properties, but for those with a high risk of flooding, it can be even more vital.


Much of the country is in an area deemed to be at high risk of flooding, with any home located close to a river facing the possibility of being flooded.


Cover is needed to protect in the event of a loss that leads to a claim. Here at Certis, we ensure clients have the right level of insurance to suit their specific needs.


The UK is famous for its weather and a large proportion of the country regularly experiences periods of heavy rain that can be sustained for several days, even in the middle of the summer, meaning flooding is a real risk throughout the year.


Flooding risks around the UK

Properties located close to rivers can be at a serious risk of flooding and all parts of the UK can be affected when the rains come down heavily.


Flooding is something no one has any real control over, so ensuring home insurance policies have the right level of cover is vital to provide suitable protection.


Flooding can cause devastating damage to a property and it can be expensive to carry out the repairs needed to make it a home once more. Without the right type of high value home insurance, this can leave a family without a roof over their heads, so it is essential to ensure the necessary level of protection is secured to allow life to continue with the minimum disruption possible.


Flood insurance provides peace of mind

The UK's highly changeable weather means it is never a safe time of year, so it is crucial homeowners do not assume there is no need for them to have home insurance that covers them from flooding.


Even if a house is only deemed to be at a minimal risk of being caught in a flood, it can be worthwhile to purchase home insurance covering flooding, as this ensures there is no need to be anxious during extended heavy periods of rain - which are commonplace across the country.


Climate change is expected to lead to more extreme weather and this could mean an increasing number of UK homes become at risk of being damaged in a flood.

Home insurance from Certis

Those who ensure they have the correct level of home insurance now can be certain their future is safe even if they do get caught out by a flood at some point in the future.


The purchase is worthwhile if only for the peace of mind it provides and in the event of a flood, it will be invaluable in helping to repair the property and to replace those items that are damaged.


Certis is an insurance brokerage service that can search through dozens of insurers on the market, providing advice and guidance on what is the right product for our clients' needs.