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What is subsidence insurance?

Residential properties at risk of being affected by subsidence - downwards movement of the ground - can be very difficult to insure.


Specialist subsidence insurance is a particular type of home insurance specifically designed for houses deemed to be at risk of subsidence. Home insurance will cover subsidence in some cases, but at a premium cost.


Houses that are damaged by subsidence and not adequately covered by the correct type of insurance could be hit with massive repair bills.


Certis is an insurance brokerage service that can help find the right type of subsidence insurance to meet your needs at a price that offers superb value for money.


Why do I need subsidence insurance?

Properties with a history of subsidence can be harder to insure, as well as more expensive. Subsidence insurance is tailored to the requirements of the property, ensuring the homeowner is covered in the event of the home suffering structural damage and requiring repair work.


If a subsidence risk is flagged up in a surveyors report on a property then the purchase of subsidence insurance is recommended.


Is my home is at risk of subsidence?

Houses built on clay soils are more susceptible to the subsidence process, so homes built on this kind of foundation are prime candidates for subsidence insurance. As a result the risk of subsidence is higher in South East England where London Clay is prevalent.


Subsidence is often linked to the presence of a nearby tree, so those who own homes deemed at risk of the process are advised to avoid planting large shrubs or trees close to the property or any of its outbuildings.


Another of the regular causes of subsidence is leaking drains, so issues with drains should be sorted out as soon as possible to reduce the subsidence risk.


Owners of properties at risk of subsidence must purchase insurance as soon as possible as cover must be taken out before the event. Once cracks have started to appear it is too late to take out cover.

Subsidence insurance from Certis

Certis is an insurance brokerage service with decades of experience in the sector, meaning consumers can be assured we have the experience and knowledge needed to secure a great deal.


Our subsidence experts will be able to simplify the process and ensure the cover you get is appropriate for your property.


Certis has access to dozens of different insurers, meaning we are able to find the very best quotes to meet our clients' needs. However, it is not just cost we consider - as we are careful to ensure the cover we recommend is perfect for the property.