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Multi-car insurance: What is it?

Many UK households now run more than one car, which means insurance bills can soon mount up when there are multiple vehicles to insure.


However, securing multi-car insurance through a brokerage service like Certis can provide a great deal that covers all a family's cars.


Millions of households have at least two cars these days, with both parents likely to drive their own vehicle. Meanwhile children are also staying at the family home for longer, so it is not uncommon for a house to have even three or four cars registered to an address.


Properties shared by single workers could have even more if there are five or six individuals - all with their own car - sharing a house. Multi-car insurance is ideal for households with more than one high-value car.


How are multi-car insurance quotes calculated?

There are a lot of factors used to determine the price of multi-car insurance, but in the majority of cases it will prove to be a more affordable option for those households with multiple vehicles.


The main advantage of multi-car insurance through Certis is it allows drivers to get on with things with the minimum of disruption if they need to make a claim.


We can arrange for a replacement vehicle to be delivered in the event of an incident leading to a loss, allowing life to continue as normal with no significant upheaval.


The age of the drivers on the multi-car insurance policy will have an impact on how much it costs, as will the types of vehicles they require the insurance to cover.


Is multi-car insurance right for me?

Households that are accustomed to having separate insurance policies for each vehicle may be wary of switching to multi-car insurance if they are unsure how it works.


However, major savings can often be achieved through making the move to a multi-car policy - hundreds, even thousands of pounds a year for some households - which means it is certainly worthwhile.


As well as the cost savings, the ease of having a replacement vehicle delivered to your door if you have to make a claim is another major benefit of multi-car insurance.


Furthermore, the reduction in the amount of paperwork required, as well as the drop in the number of bills to be paid are also reasons to switch.


Multi-car insurance from Certis

As a brokerage service, Certis has access to dozens of different insurers, ensuring we can find the perfect product to suit our clients' needs, no matter how specific or complex they are.


Getting in touch with the experts at Certis is the first step to take for the perfect multi-car insurance policy.


As well as securing the best quotes, we are ideally placed to ensure the cover provides exactly the right amount of protection for drivers.