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Thatch insurance from Certis

Many people's idea of a dream home is a small thatch cottage in the countryside, with the house looking like something out of a picture postcard.


However, the practicalities of owning such a home can be more complex and thatch insurance is necessary for anyone who wants to live in a property like this.


Those who fail to adequately protect themselves through thatch insurance are at risk of losing their property if a fire takes hold in the building.


Thatch home insurance is a type of non-standard house insurance that can provide the appropriate level of cover for the owner's personal needs.


Why is thatch insurance needed?

Thatch insurance is necessary if the house has a thatched roof due to the perceived increased risk of fire as a result of the material. While a home with a thatched roof is not more likely to be affected by a fire than any other residence, these houses typically suffer a greater level of damage if flames do take hold.


This is why thatch insurance is so vital, as getting a quote from a brokerage service such as Certis can put owners' minds at ease, safe in the knowledge they have appropriate cover in the unfortunate event of a fire.


We make sure the thatch insurance policy is tailored to each client's needs, providing peace of mind that if the worst does happen and the property is damaged by fire, they are suitably covered.


What are the risks?

There are around 60,000 thatched properties in the UK with between 50 and 80 each year suffering a serious fire, usually resulting in destruction of the property.


90% of homes affected by a thatch fire have a wood burning stove with either a flexible chimney liner or no liner at all. Installing a fixed chimney liner and ensuring that the chimney is regularly swept by a professional can significantly reduce the risk of fire.


Separating the roof void from the thatch with a fire resistant barrier and spraying the thatch itself with flame retardant coating are other physical measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of fire.


Safety measures such as regularly checking wiring and electrical equipment and wiring and placing a smoke detector in the roof void that are prudent in any home are even more important in a thatched property.


Thatch insurance specialist Certis will be able to provide guidance on how the risks will affect the calculation of you policy premiums.

Why choose Certis for thatch insurance?

If you think you might be in need of thatch insurance to protect your home, getting in touch with Certis can be a great starting point to getting cover.


As a brokerage service, we have access to dozens of different insurers, meaning we can ensure the cover we find is perfectly tailored to our clients' specific and personal needs.


We have more than four decades of experience in providing non-standard home insurance, so you can be assured our members of staff can handle your every request in a professional and friendly manner.


So to protect the home of your dreams, get in touch with Certis right now for a thatch insurance quote that protects your house in the event of fire.